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Zubia’s father went to his workplace for him to change how he looked at agricultural machinery and to work towards making change happen.

“I showed my father, a farmer, around my workplace where we develop farm machines. Upon closer inspection of the machines on display, he shook his head and said that they were not fit for Filipinos,” Zubia recalled.

It struck Zubia, a faculty member at the Institute of Agricultural Engineering of the College of Engineering and Agro- Industrial Technology (CEAT-IAE), that his father’s observations might just be valid. The Philippines may have benefited much from imported machinery: however, these were likely to have caused problems and affected efficiency because they have not been designed based on the Filipino’s body dimensions.

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“Earth here is so kind that just tickle her with a hoe and she laughs with a harvest.” This is a line attributed to Douglas William Jerrold, an English dramatist and writer. And tickle the earth with his out-of-the-box landscaping style, the late Dr. Leonido R. Naranja did, so the kind earth soon laughed with a harvest.

He may not have lived long enough to see his landscaping approach catch on but the pockets of adoption may soon, altogether, create a change towards communities incorporating vegetables and food plants into spaces normally assigned to ornamentals.

It all started when Dr. Naranja spruced up an exhibit booth with vegetables instead of ornamentals. He probably did so since the exhibit was a side event in a conference of the Society for the Advancement of the Vegetable Industry (SAVI) at the UPLB Seniors’ Social Garden in 1999.

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Scientific research in UPLB – and even perhaps in the country - began with the founding of the UP College of Agriculture (UPCA) in 1909. UPCA was at the forefront of agricultural research, experimenting and generating knowledge on tropical agriculture at a time when there was virtually none. The very first UPCA dean included research in the curriculum and required all students to conduct a thesis study as a requirement for graduation.

In time, the College had become well known in scientific and academic communities. With the beginnings of forestry education in the country also originating in Los Baños, and later the formal organization of UPLB as the first autonomous campus of UP, UPLB was soon on its way to building an unparalleled reputation for scientific investigation and instruction in what was to become its traditional stronghold of agriculture and forestry. Today, building on these strengths, UPLB continues to evolve into a university with an institutional identity distinct from but firmly rooted in its origins.

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Secretary, DOST

UP Los Baños S&T Forum and Exhibition and Awarding Ceremonies for the 2014 UPLB Outstanding Personnel
06 March 2014, SMX Convention Center, Pasay City

On behalf of the Department of Science and Technology, I would like to express my appreciation to be invited to the UP Los Baños Science and Technology Forum and Exhibition here at the SMX Convention Center. I also would like to take this opportunity to express my warmest congratulations to the Most Outstanding Personnel of the University for 2014.

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UPLB was at the forefront of the extensive national efforts to raise funds and in-kind donations for survivors and victims alike of super typhoon Yolanda, including students who were among those affected by the devastation wrought by the killer typhoon. The University has ably demonstrated a concerted and comprehensive approach in its various outreach and relief assistance activities.

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