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Wednesday, 18 January 2017 00:00

Memorandum No. PAEP 16-67: Invitation to become Research & Extension Fellows of the new UP Resilience Institute



I. Background/Purpose

The Board of Regents at its 1319th Meeting on 28 July 2016 approved the establishment of the new UP Resilience Institute (RI) or Resilience Institute of the University of the Philippines for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, which shall have the following functions and programs concerning multi-hazard, multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral, comprehensive DRRM.

1) Research and Creative Work: undertake policy research, action research, and interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research or creative work;
2) Knowledge Sharing: disseminate research findings, creative works and innovations;
3) Education: establish non-degree educational programs and support degree programs within the UP System;
4) Institution Building: improve the capability of the UP System as an agent of change [for…] disaster resilience in the Philippines and the Pacific Rim region.

II. Fellows and Junior Fellows

Potentially from all the regular academic units of UP, it shall be targeted to have approximately 20% of the System-wide total number of regular full-time academic staff to have additional appointments at the Resilience Institute as Research and Extension Fellow or Research and Extension Junior Fellow without additional compensation.

Within this human resource pool, every semester each fellow or junior fellow, with commensurate involvement in the activities of the Resilience Institute, shall be devoting on average approximately 25% of his/her regular academic load. Hence UP shall be devoting about 5% of its combined regular full-time human resource as a constant active pool of scholars for the programs and services of the Resilience Institute.

A Fellow or Junior Fellow shall receive funding and logistical support according to the budget of the Institute program or project where s/he is engaged (e.g., honoraria, professional fees, and other compensation commensurate and applicable to the involvement of the Fellow or Junior Fellow); Research Load Credit may also be applicable.
The Attachment contains the Guidelines for Fellows and Junior Fellows.

III. Expression of Interest

The Board of Regents has appointed Professor Benito M. Pacheco as the first Executive Director. Subsequently we shall search for CU Coordinators, Theme Coordinators, Financial Coordinator, Program Managers, Project Managers, and Project Leaders.

At this stage we are building the human resource base of Research and Extension Fellows. The first batch shall be given the additional appointment for the 2nd Semester and Midyear of 2016-2017, i.e. January-July 2017, subject to renewal in the following academic year.

Every full-time regular faculty member of UP who is eligible and available to affiliate with the Resilience Institute as Fellow or Junior Fellow is encouraged to communicate his/her Expression of Interest by emailing directly to: [email protected] to the attention of Professor Pacheco, on or before 17 January 2017.

Following the Guidelines, the first batch of Fellows and Junior Fellows of the Resilience Institute at UP for DRRM shall be appointed by the Office of the President. A launching event and workshop of the RI affiliates shall be held in January or February 2017.

The Chancellors, Deans, Directors and Chairs shall give this Memorandum Order the widest dissemination among full-time regular faculty members.

Alfredo E. Pascual

Copy of Memorandum No. PAEP 16-67: Invitation to become Research & Extension Fellows of the new UP Resilience Institute

Copy of the Proposal to Establish the Resilience Institute